FAQ Powerseal

When will I have my cylinder back?
The delivery time is 5 - 10 working days. This depends on the machining (with or without welding) that must be carried out on the cylinder. However, there is the possibility to shorten this time when you choose our Quick Service. The processing will then take 2-4 working days. Please download our pricelist for more information.
How much will it cost?
Cost will vary depending on the work required. The least expensive repair service is plating and honing. If the cylinder base metal is damaged, we may need to perform welding and machining repairs for an additional service charge. To save yourself some money, please remove all studs, powervalves, and fittings from the cylinder before shipping it to us. We will remove these parts for you, however, we must charge for these services. Please refer to the “Prices” page for standard service charges.
How do I ship my cylinder to PowerSeal?
Print and completely fill out our Shipping Form which u can find on this website. Pack your cylinder in a sturdy box using quality packing material. We suggest using bubble wrap, completely encasing the part, and filling the entire box to avoid jostling during shipment. Please enclose the Work Order form with the cylinder and ship to:

PowerSeal® BV
De Tienden 30-32
Industrieterrein Eeneind II
5674 TB Nuenen
The Netherlands
How can I tell if my cylinder needs welding?
If the base metal under the existing plating or ports and bridges is visibly damaged, the cylinder will require a weld repair. Scratches in the base metal deeper than 0.020mm will likely require a weld repair. Cracked exhaust port or intake port bridges will also require welding. In some cases, we cannot determine the extent of the damage or the repair work required until the old plating has been removed.
If my cylinder is ported, will the repair affect the modified porting?
No. Our PowerSeal® plating and repair process ensures that your cylinder will be returned with the ports in the condition in which they were received. This is also one of the advantages why you choose a new PowerSeal® coating instead of a new cylinder. You save costs herein because a new cylinder must be tuned again. If we are required to repair a damaged port, we restore it to the previous modified condition.
Can you bore my cylinder to a larger displacement (big bore) and plate it?
Yes. We provide overbore service to available pistons or to your specification. We do request that you either supply or purchase a piston from us for overbores. Please note that when overboring a cylinder, the powervalve(s), head, or engine cases may require modification to accept the larger diameter piston and to ensure proper performance. Please call us for details.
Will PowerSeal perform porting modifications?
No. PowerSeal specializes in cylinder reconditioning and plating only. Please contact a qualified engine performance tuner for your modifications.
Do I need to supply a piston?
No. If a piston is supplied or purchased from us, we will custom fit the bore and piston clearance. If no piston is supplied, we restore the cylinder to the OEM bore size. If you would like to purchase a piston (Wiseco, Vertex, JE, Pro-X, SPI , Wossner, and other major brands are available at a competitive price), we custom fit the bore and piston clearance.
Why should I have my cylinder plated instead of buying a new one?
Three reasons: quality, cost, and time. The fit and finish of a PowerSeal cylinder is superior to OEM. Plating is far less expensive than purchasing a new cylinder. Also, if your cylinder has been modified, you will have to pay for the modification again on a new cylinder. In most cases, we can have your cylinder repaired and in your hands quicker than you can get a new one.
Why should I have my cylinder plated instead of having it sleeved?
Sleeving a previously-plated cylinder is a big mistake. Nickel Silicon Carbide plating offers superior lubrication, better heat transfer, and greater wear resistance than a sleeve. A properly maintained plated cylinder will perform better and longer than a sleeved bore. Also, plating leaves your porting intact, eliminating any questions regarding port matching or sleeve alignment.
Do I have to do anything special when I receive my cylinder and install it?
Thoroughly clean the cylinder before installing it. Install the cylinder per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Break in per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are not sure of installation and break in procedures, please contact PowerSeal or your dealer. Enjoy your new cylinder!
What if I have a problem with my cylinder?
At PowerSeal we stand behind our work. We take pride in our quality program and craftsmanship. If you are not satisfied with our product, please call us so that we can address the problem.
Can you also plate Multi- cylinder engines?
Yes, we can replate up to a V12 cylinderblock!
Can you plate Alusil™ cylinderblocks?
Yes, we can plate Alusil™ with harder wearing nickel-silicon carbide. Also we can replate cast iron, steel liners and chrome cylinders.