Before your cylinder is made ready to ride again by PowerSeal®, it passes through a sophisticated technical process, in which a number of chemical and mechanical treatments have to be performed. 

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  • Upon arrival, the cylinder is assessed for damage. These findings are then entered into our computer system, which enables us to follow the cylinder throughout the production process.
  • Next, the cylinder is degreased and blast cleaned. The worn layer is chemically removed.
  • The cylinder is lightly pre-honed in order to get an good idea of any damage.
  • The cylinder is milled, welded and bored to repair any damage.
  • The cylinder is measured under climate controle and then a calculation is performed to determine the thickness of the layer to be applied. The PowerSeal® coating is applied in the process tank by means of an electrolytic process. This process is fully computer controlled.
  • The cylinder is now given the PowerSeal® coating, which still has to be finished to the precise final size. After the piston has been calibrated, the cylinder is honed to the precise final size.
  • The cylinder is then cleaned and sent for a final inspection. When everything is technically 100 percent in order, the cylinder goes to dispatch.
  • Your cylinder is carefully packed and then sent to you.