Dear NiKaSil client,

As I am sure you have heard and seen on TV and in the press in recent years, there will very soon be a secession from Great Britain and the EU.
Whether it will be a 'no deal' exit or whether there are still compromises to be made is stil unclear.
What is clear is that there are many uncertainties about doing business with the UK in particular.

If import and export are hindered, shipping becomes more expensive or even delays at the borders caused by paper formalities.

These are all uncertainties that you, as an entrepreneur, would rather not have.

Fortunately, we at PowerSeal can save you all these worries.

We are located in the Netherlands, an extremely stable and productive country with the standards and values that fit with good entrepreneurship.

It is very important that we, as a member state of the EU, do not have to deal with all these problems.

We have the advantage of open borders and free enterprise throughout Europe.

We can offer you competitive prices together with fast delivery times and not to forget top quality NiKaSil.

Whether for motorcycles, snowmobiles or Porsches and other car engines like BMW and Mercedes. We can provide these cylinders with a NiKaSil coating for you.

If your engine is equipped with Alusil or a similar product, PowerSeal can also repair your engine by Lepping the original layer or, in case of greater damage, by applying NiKaSil.
If you have any questions about this or if you want to know our terms and conditions, please send us an email for more information.

e-mail to or call 0031-402836781

with Kind regards,
Team PowerSeal