Entry and check-up of cylinders at PowerSeal

Most cylinders are delivered to PowerSeal by transport companies. This is because PowerSeal customers are spread throughout Europe. A single customer brings his cylinder (s) to PowerSeal himself. Sometimes this is because a "story" has to be told or because the customer is afraid that damage may occur during transport or the cylinder will be lost.

After receiving, the cylinder is unpacked and subjected to a thorough check-up. The entry check.
The customer's details are recorded together with the customer wishes.

We check whether there is damage on the cylinder and whether it must be repaired by welding. It must also be carefully checked whether all "non-aluminum" parts have been removed and, if not, they must be dismantled. If this is not possible, then these parts must be masked to prevent damage during the process. If anything is unclear, the customer will be contacted.

During this entry check the cylinders are engraved and provided with a unique PS serial number to ensure that every customer also gets his own cylinder back.
The data is stored in the computer in a special planning program and a work card is printed. This card stays with the cylinder during the entire production process.

Because the data is stored in the PowerSeal planning system, we can follow the process and where necessary inform the customer about the status of the cylinder, the costs and the delivery time.

If the customer send a piston along, we measure it in our air-conditioned measuring room for the final cylinder size.

Then it is stored for further measurements or processing during the process. It is of course also possible to order a suitable piston from PowerSeal.

As an extra service we also provide the coating of piston rings with Titanium nitride. This is definitely recommended for the car engines.
Partially worn pistons can also be coated by us with a special coating so that they can be used for longer time and wear less quickly.

As all these operations have been completed with the utmost care, the cylinder moves on to the next phase in our production process.
Namely the cleaning, pre-cleaning and possibly welding of the cylinder.

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To be continued.