"As I am sure you have heard and seen on TV and in the press in recent years, there will very soon be a secession from Great Britain and the EU.
Whether it will be a 'no deal' exit or whether there are still compromises to be made is stil unclear.
What is clear is that there are many uncertainties about doing business with the UK in particular."



Fase 3. NiKaSillen, honen en afwerken van de cilinder.

" After your cylinder has been pre-treated at PowerSeal as described in previous articles, we will start the actual application of the NiKaSil coating. The cylinder is cleaned in the preliminary stage and the old layer is chemically removed. After this, the cylinder is prehoned to start, when applying the layer, with a round and straight cylinder as also described in the previous article.

The cylinder is now measured to determine the correct layer thickness of the NiKaSil coating. "



Cleaning and pre-honing / welding of cylinders at PowerSeal.

"After your cylinder as described in article 1 has been "checked in" at PowerSeal, we will now start working on the actual operation.

The cylinder is cleaned in various chemical baths and ultrasonic processes to remove street dirt, oil and grease. The old NiKaSil layer will be removed from the cylinder by immersing it in a special acid bath for a few hours. This bath only removes the old NiKaSil layer but does not affect the aluminum. It is therefore important that all non-aluminum parts are removed or masked to prevent damage."



Entry and check-up of cylinders at PowerSeal

" Your cylinders are in safe hands with PowerSeal. We are often asked how the production process works. That is why we give you a look into our “kitchen” on Facebook.

We do this through 3 articles in which we describe in detail the phases that your cylinder goes through.

1.Entry and check-up cylinder, 2.Cleaning and pre-honing / welding and 3.Galvano, honing and finishing / checking"



PowerSeal, the specialist in Nikasillen

" As you probably know, PowerSeal has been around for 30 years. PowerSeal initially started with NiKaSil coatings on motorcycles. The reason for this was simple. I, as the owner, am a motorcyclist myself. So I have the same hobby as my customers.
In addition to sport motorcycle cylinders, orders for old-timers from both motorbikes and cars soon came.

The old-timer cylinders or car engine blocks, however, are usually made of steel or cast iron and are not originally coated, but are due for revision because the last bore size has been reached."


Powerseal. The specialist in NiKaSil® for motorcycle cylinders and car engines.

"As you may know, PowerSeal has been around for 30 years. PowerSeal initially started with NiKaSil® of motorcycles cylinders. The reason for that was simply the fact that, as the owner, I was busy doing Motocross racing and Enduro riding. So I myself was in the group where the demand for faster turnover and better NiKaSil® was most wanted."



The story behind Powerseal

"PowerSeal has been around for 30 years and is based in Nuenen. During these years, PowerSeal has developed a technologic advanced coating that is applied to the cylinders of both cars and motorcycles, also known as NiKaSil®. What you possibly don’t know is that the blue and green colors in the corporate identity and logo of PowerSeal is no coincidence. The color blue represents the steel or aluminum of the cylinder and the color green is the color of our NiKaSil® liquid with Nickel as the main component."