The story behind PowerSeal

PowerSeal has been around for 30 years and is based in Nuenen. During these years, PowerSeal has developed a technologic advanced coating that is applied to the cylinders of both cars and motorcycles, also known as NiKaSil®. What you possibly don’t know is that the blue and green colors in the corporate identity and logo of PowerSeal is no coincidence. The color blue represents the steel or aluminum of the cylinder and the color green is the color of our NiKaSil® liquid with Nickel as the main component.

The reason to start PowerSeal lays in the fact that in that time I was looking for a challenge and wanted to start my own company. I was active in the field of Motocross and enduro and repairing a NiKaSil® cylinder was a very long-term and costly issue. The Mahle company in Germany, which was also the patent holder of the NiKaSil® process, was difficult to approach and the Hof company in the Netherlands therefore had a monopoly in that time.

So there was room for an extra player. Together with a friend I started PowerSeal. After much research and investment, this turned out to have a solid right to exist. The fact that PowerSeal gave a three-month guarantee on the adhesion of the layer was unique in the industry. The colleagues had never given a guarantee and if problems occurs they referred to the fact that a repair always entails risk.

After 4 years, my partner and I decided to separate in good harmony because of other ideas. I have continued with PowerSeal and my partner founded ATM.

Through constant development and the latest technologies, PowerSeal® coating has proven to be of very high quality and PowerSeal has built up a good reputation, especially in the motorcycle world.

The hard coating, which is composed, inter alia, of nickel and silicon carbide, provides a durable surface, which considerably extends the service life of the cylinder. Through production under climate control, we deliver a perfect product with the right dimensions. If desired, we adjust the thickness of the NiKaSil® to the piston size, so that a perfect fit is achieved. This resulted in better running characteristics and performance of the cylinder.

More than 15 years ago we started PowerSeal USA in the United States through a licensee with the objective to serve the customers on the other side of the world as well.

Now about 10 years ago, we carefully started to provide 4-cylinder motorcycles and shortly after we did provide car engines with a new PowerSeal® coating.

For motorcycles this was the replacement of the old NiKaSil® layer. For car engines, it means to replacing the old and damaged Alusil layer with our PowerSeal® layer. However, this requires some adjustments from the engine manufacturer in terms of pistons, piston rings and tolerances.

Soon we will also offer the possibility to repair original damaged Alusil, using a specially developed method. This is possible if the surface is not damaged too badly.

Advantages of a PowerSeal® coating include greater wear resistance, less friction, perfect upgrade for Alusil cylinders, improved running performance and repair is almost always possible. It is also cheaper than purchasing a new cylinder or cylinder block.

The target groups are very diverse so we only name a selection.

MotoCross, Enduro, Race, Kart, Speedway, Jet ski, Snowmobile, Oldtimer and Powerboat. And for all cars from vintage cars to endurance and Muscle cars. From Porsche to Ferrari, from BMW to Mercedes.