• Greater wear-resistance for a longer life.
  • Better friction properties, optimal oil lubrication.
  • Reworked cylinders can be returned to optimal running order with a  PowerSeal® coating.
  • Perfect upgrade for Alusil® cylinders; running properties improve and repair is almost always possible.
  • Perfect dimensions.
  • Less expensive than buying a new cylinder or cylinder block.


Our mission: As your PowerSeal team we strive to offer the best quality and service every day, which translates into awe-inspiring manufactures of cutting-edge technology. 

Our vision: "Extend durability." Through years of research and implementation of the latest technologies, we provide PowerSeal® coating of the finest quality. We aim to optimize the durability of your cylinder. Together with a sustainable production line in a climate controlled environment we are fully up to the task of delivering to you an end product of impeccable quality and surplus value.


• MotoCross / Enduro     
• Race                              
• Kart                                
• Snowmobile                       
• Speedway                         
• Jetski                               
• PowerBoat 
• Vintage